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International Roadcheck 2023, the annual 72-hour inspection blitz conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) roadside inspection officer members, is scheduled for May 16 to 19. During this 72-hour period, officers will be doing as many inspections as possible.

Are you ready?

Here are key steps you should take immediately, if you haven’t already:

  • Vehicles
    • Verify that all your vehicles have a current annual inspection and that your drivers know how to locate the proof of inspection on the vehicle.
    • Verify that all your vehicles are current on maintenance and maintenance inspections.
    • Verify with your drivers and maintenance personnel/provider that there are no outstanding defects on your vehicles that are on the road.
    • Remind your drivers to conduct proper pre-trip inspections, enroute inspections, and post-trip inspections (consider providing a special reminder to drivers that appear to be having issues with inspections).
    • As one of the focuses in 2023 is the antilock brake system (ABS), remind your drivers to be on the lookout for active ABS malfunction lights (part of this is your drivers’ understanding that ABS malfunction lights should work by coming on with the key to indicate the system has power and the self-test is underway, and then go off after a few seconds).
    • Be prepared to immediately deal with a defect reported by a driver.
  • Drivers
    • Check your driver qualification records and verify that all drivers have valid credentials.
    • Verify that all your CDL drivers have current medical information on their motor vehicle record (MVR).
    • Remind your drivers to have their credentials with them when operating a commercial vehicle (driver’s license and medical card in the case of a non-CDL driver).
    • Remind your drivers to drive compliantly, defensively, and safely to not give an officer a reason to pull them over and initiate an inspection.
    • Remind your drivers that the days before and during Roadcheck is not the time to “bend” the hours-of-service regulations (consider providing a special reminder to drivers that have a history of trying to bend the hours-of-service regulations).
    • As one of the focuses of Roadcheck 2023 is cargo securement, review with your drivers the compliant securement methods for the cargos you routinely transport and remind your drivers to not take shortcuts.

Key to remember: If executed correctly, these last-minute activities can increase your odds of having an uneventful International Roadcheck in 2023.