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Unlock a wealth of safety and compliance knowledge tailored to your exact needs in the J. J. Keller Compliance Network.

Ever wish you could call on your own personal regulatory consultant at a moments notice? Compliance Network makes it possible with the industry’s leading source of expert regulatory content and real-time insights. When you personalize your profile with key information, like your professional focus, roles and responsibilities, areas of operation, and topics of interest, Compliance Network determines the content that will be most relevant and helpful to you and your business.

This includes articles on the latest regulatory news and updates affecting your business. You can even view the top ten most important stories relevant to you each day. There’s no simpler way to ensure you never miss a thing. It’s also easy to share content freely throughout your organization to keep everyone informed.

As a member, you also receive access to an array of compliance resources that will significantly reduce the time you spend on regulatory tasks. Our RegSense tool provides word-for-word regulations, covering over 700 compliance topics, along with simple explanations from our experts so you know exactly how requirements apply to your operation and what actions you need to take.

Enter the J. J. Keller Institute and discover in-depth written and video content offering foundational knowledge on 120+ compliance subjects. You can also test your understanding with practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios.

J. J. Keller’s regulatory experts are leading authorities in a wide range of fields and Compliance Network members enjoy an unprecedented level of access to their guidance. Browse FAQs, ask your most challenging compliance questions, set up one-on-one consultations and submit requests for in-depth research.

One of the most valuable aspects of Compliance Network is the way it brings the Compliance Community together. You can connect with peers from across the country in our discussion forums. Ask and answer questions, share experiences, and trade insights with fellow safety and compliance professionals.

Need premium Hazmat or Environmental content? Add Hazmat or Environmental Edge to your membership to receive charts, how-to guides, infographics, and other exclusive resources to help navigate highly regulated activities in these fields.

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