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In a training rut? Let your veteran drivers help


Are you looking for another way to present a tried and true training topic? Are you seeking a credible presenter who will maintain your drivers’ attention?

When searching for this type of expertise, you may not have to look any further than your veteran drivers for an in-house expert.

The benefits

Veteran drivers speak from real-life experience, which brings a certain level of credibility to the instruction.

Another benefit is approachability. Drivers who have questions often feel more at ease asking another driver than asking a supervisor or trainer. Also, the driver may be able to offer practical advice based on personal experience.

Selecting a trainer

The individual you select to conduct the training should be comfortable with communicating in front of others. Make sure this individual is well-versed in the topic with a strong interest in the subject matter.

If you have more than one topic you would like presented, consider selecting more than one driver. One topic per driver will help distribute the workload evenly.

Training the trainer

Remember, the individual you select to conduct the training may be well-versed in the subject matter, but may need some help presenting the material in an understandable and engaging manner.

This means you may need to allow some time for the individual to rehearse in front of you or another employee. During rehearsal, allow time and space for the correction of mistakes and several run-throughs.

And remember, if you ever need training advice or guidance, just visit us at JJKellerLibrary.com, which puts comprehensive training plans and expert advice right at your fingertips.