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An electronic logging device (ELD) or an ELD provider can be removed from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD Registry in one of two ways:

  1. Voluntarily removal. This happens when an ELD provider decides to stop operating or stop supporting specific ELDs.
  2. Removal for non-compliance. FMCSA removes an ELD or an ELD provider from the ELD Registry. This happens when FMCSA finds the ELD provider’s devices are not compliant with the regulations and the provider does not take steps to bring them into compliance.

For a carrier using a device that has been removed from the ELD Registry, the result is the same regardless of the cause. Action is required!

Make changes quickly

The process a carrier must follow as soon as they become aware their ELDs are no longer listed on the ELD registry is:

  • Have drivers revert to using paper logs, and
  • Select and install new ELDs in all vehicles within 60 days.

The 60 days starts when the ELD provider’s device is removed from the registry, not from the day the carrier discovers the ELD is no longer on the ELD Registry.

During the 60 days, officers are asked to not cite drivers still using the affected ELDs and accept paper logs as an equivalent to an ELD. However, once the 60 days has passed, a violation of §395.22(a), failing to use a registered ELD will be written to any driver still using the ELDs.

A lot to do in a short time

Within the 60 days, the carrier involve will need to:

  • Capture and preserve the records in the ELD system before the records become inaccessible or the system becomes unusable,
  • Shop around for an ELD and back-office system that matches the company’s needs,
  • Select the system that best meets the company’s needs,
  • Train the drivers on the use of the new ELDs,
  • Train the back-office personnel on the system, and
  • Install the new devices and start using them.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure

Knowing the basics of the ELD requirements and verifying your ELD provider is compliant with them and using a reputable ELD provider is how you can keep yourself out of this situation.

Key to remember: If your ELD is removed from the ELD Registry, you will have a lot to do in a short time. To keep yourself out of this situation, make sure your current ELDs are compliant and use a reputable provider.