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Speeding and broken lamps continued to be top concerns last year during roadside enforcement of commercial vehicle safety regulations.

After a pandemic-induced drop in 2020, the number of roadside inspections has been growing but is still low by historic standards, as shown in the accompanying chart.

Roadside Inspections, 2018-2022
YearVehicle InspectionsDriver Inspections
Being familiar with the most common violations can help drivers and motor carriers take steps to avoid them.

The following tables list the top 10 violations of driver- and vehicle-related motor carrier safety and hazardous materials regulations as cited during roadside inspections in 2022, as well as:

  • The percentage of those violations that resulted in an out-of-service (OOS) order for the driver or vehicle; and
  • The severity points assigned to each violation in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) system.

Top 10 Driver Violations
RankCodeDescriptionViolationsOOSCSA Points
2391.41(a)Driving without a valid medical certificate87,10514%1
3395.8(e) False log(s) 71,88966%7
4392.2CFailure to obey traffic control device65,6750%5
5395.8(a) No logs (of proper type) in driver’s possession 58,180 95%5
6392.16Failing to use seat belt53,6380%7
7383.23(a)(2)Operating a CMV without a CDL51,40199%8
8392.2LVLane-restriction violation 41,5310%3
9392.2MIMiscellaneous traffic law violation39,6070%0
10395.8Log violation: general/form and manner39,2631%1

Top 10 Vehicle Violations
RankCodeDescriptionViolationsOOSCSA Points
1393.9Required lamp(s) not operable635,7236%2
2396.17(c)Operating a CMV without periodic inspection187,9700%4
3393.11No/defective lighting/reflective devices148,7642%3
4396.3(a)(1)BBrakes (general)132,20353%4
5393.47(e)-(f)Brake(s) out of adjustment131,489 0%4
6393.95(a)Fire extinguisher violation124,9890%2
7393.45(b)(2)Brake hose/tubing chaffing and/or kinking 113,11017%4
8393.75(a)(3)Tire flat and/or with audible air leak109,34798%8
9396.3(a)(1)General inspection/repair/maintenance 91,97510%2
10393.78Windshield wipers inoperative/defective87,2460%1

Top 10 Hazardous Materials Violations
RankCodeDescriptionViolationsOOSCSA Points
1177.834(a)Package not secure in vehicle3,83698%10
2107.620(b)No copy of USDOT hazmat registration number2,7670%0
3177.817(a)No shipping papers (carrier)2,37070%3
4177.817(e) Shipping paper accessibility2,2252%3
5172.504(a)Vehicle not placarded as required1,925 50%5
6177.823(a)No placards/markings when required1,88645%5
7172.516(c)(6)Placard damaged, deteriorated, or obscured1,8741%5
872.502(a)(1)Prohibited placarding 1,84715%5
972.602(c)(1)Maintenance/accessibility of emergency response information1,4540%3
1072.600(c)Emergency response information not available1,0480%3