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With enrollment for 2023 set to open soon, the proposal to reduce fees under the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) program is still pending.

Process caused delays

For several filing years (2018, 2019, and 2020) the filing start date and due dates were delayed pending approval of the registration fees. The UCR Board acknowledged that this caused confusion and frustration on the part of motor carriers and law enforcement and changed its process, creating a timeline to get fees approved by October 1 each year.

Proposal still pending

A proposal published on January 24, 2022, requested public comment on proposed reductions in the annual registration fees collected from motor carriers for the 2023 registration year and subsequent registration years.

On June 13, the comment period reopened due to availability of new information from the Board. The comment period was limited to 14 days to allow for a final rule prior to the opening of the registration period on October 1, 2022.

At the time of this article (August 19, 2022), the fee change has yet to be finalized.

Lower fees for 2023?

The UCR fee structure is a bracket system, with the per-carrier fees based on the number of vehicles the carrier operates. The UCR Board recommended adoption of new fees as follows:

2022 vs. 2023 Fee Recommendation
Number of power units0-23-56-2021-100101-1,0001,001 and above
2022 fee (current)$59$176$351$1,224$5,835$56,977
2023 fee (recommended)$43$129$256$894$4,263$41,627

Who must file under UCR

Private property carriers, for-hire passenger, property, and exempt commodity carriers, freight forwarders, leasing companies, and brokers engaged in interstate commerce are subject to annual registration under the UCR program.

Key to remember: The UCR enrollment period for 2023 begins October 1, 2022, but proposed lower fees are not yet finalized. To continue operating legally, carriers must register and pay the fee before January 1, 2023.