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The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has ramped up its efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about the potential dangers when shipping hazmat by continuing to promote the “Check The Box” campaign. The “Check The Box” campaign includes: fact sheets, posters, brochures, and videos all designed to help shippers identify hazmat and receive guidance on how to safely ship it.

Every year about 3 billion tons of regulated hazmat is transported within the United Sates and every year there are approximately 1,500 reported incidents involving undeclared hazmat shipments in the transportation system. These incidents are not only costly to clean up, but they also pose serious risk of injury or possibly death to workers and the public.

To help reduce the number of incidents involving undeclared and improperly packaged hazmat, PHMSA is increasing safety awareness through an online campaign called “Check The Box.” The campaign highlights the fact that shipping hazmat can be tricky and that most people don’t realize things we commonly use, and ship are considered hazmat. PHMSA put together some resources that introduce the “Check The Box” campaign and provide helpful guidance on shipping hazmat.

Fact sheet

The fact sheet contains various statistics that support undeclared hazmat incidents and contains a brief explanation of real-life incidents that occurred throughout the past several years.


The poster introduces the “Check The Box” campaign along with Hazardous Matt, the mascot. This poster also serves as a reminder to always check your box for hazmat and if you find any remember to properly package, mark, and label it.


The brochures raise awareness of the of the many types of common items that are hazardous for transportation. The brochure also points out that hazmat must:

  1. Accurately identified,
  2. Correctly packaged, and
  3. Effectively communicated.


The videos introduce the “Check The Box” initiative through a short animated production. The video quickly lists facts and runs through the steps to identify hazmat. While there is sound for one of the videos, no one is commentating, so read quickly.

Key to Remember: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie to shipping hazmat, this campaign serves as a great reminder to always double check your box for hazmat and if you find any make sure it is properly shipped according to the Hazardous Materials Regulations.