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EPA is finalizing changes to the new source performance standards for Automobile and Light Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations under the Clean Air Act. EPA revised volatile organic compound (VOC) emission limits for prime coat, guide coat, and topcoat operations for affected facilities that commence construction, modification, or reconstruction after May 18, 2022. There is also the following changes:

  • Added work practices to reduce VOC emissions;
  • Revisions of the plastic parts provision;
  • Updates to the capture and control devices and the associated testing and monitoring requirements;
  • Revisions of the transfer efficiency provisions;
  • New test methods and alternative test methods;
  • Revisions of the recordkeeping and reporting requirements, including the addition of electronic reporting; and
  • Removal of exemptions for periods of startup, shutdown, and malfunction.

This rule went into effect on May 9, 2023. The economic impacts are anticipated to be low for affected companies and the industries impacted by this final action, and there will not be substantial impacts on the markets for affected products.

Key to remember: This rule adds more emissions requirements for automobile and light duty truck surface coating operations.