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Plan elements
  • An exposure control plan must include the exposure determination, a schedule and method for implementation, a procedure for evaluating exposure incidents, and a solicitation of input from employees.

Any employer who has at least one employee with occupational exposure must establish a written exposure control plan that’s designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure. At a minimum, the plan must include:

  • The exposure determination required by 1910.1030(c)(2).
  • The schedule and method of implementation for 1910.1030(d)-(h). This can be as simple as an annotated copy of the regulation that states when and how the provisions of the regulation will be complied with.
  • The procedure for evaluating the circumstances surrounding exposure incidents as required by 1910.1030(f)(3)(i).
  • Documentation of the employer’s solicitation of input from non-managerial employees who are responsible for direct patient care and who are potentially exposed to injuries from contaminated sharps. Under 1910.1030(c)(1)(v), the employer must ask these employees for input in identifying, evaluating, and selecting effective engineering and work practice controls.

The employer may wish to also include in the written exposure control plan the required documentation (per 1910.1030(c)(1)(iv)) that the employer annually considered and implemented appropriate commercially available and effective safer medical devices designed to eliminate or minimize occupational exposure.

If a plan element isn’t applicable to the specific workplace, the plan should include it but state directly that the element does not apply and explain why.