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It’s October which means it’s time to shock you! If you work with forklifts and service their batteries, be careful when you mix electrolyte solutions, they’re pretty harmful to work with.

Why the electrolyte solution?

Electrolyte is a substance that generates energy to help power a battery. When it’s dissolved in water, it conducts electricity and surrounds the electrodes in a battery cell. BOOM—you have power!

The solution

Sometimes you may need to add fluid or mix solutions. When you mix an electrolyte solution for forklift batteries add acid to water to avoid smoke or splattering hazards. If you transfer acid from a large container, use a siphon or tilter. Either method makes it easier to control, meaning the less chance for spilling or splashing.

Protect yourself

Because acid can eat holes in your clothing or skin, it’s essential you wear protective equipment. Follow your company’s procedures, as well as instructions from the supplier of the acid for the proper PPE to use.

At the very least, you should wear:

  • Gloves,
  • Long sleeves,
  • Apron, and
  • Goggles.

Check with your supervisor if you have any questions on servicing your forklift batteries at your company. If you’re not trained or authorized in this process by your supervisor, do not attempt to add fluids of any kind to batteries.