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This monthly video spotlights EHS news highlights from February 2023.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the monthly roundup video, where we’ll review the most impactful environmental, safety, and health news.

First, let’s take a look at what’s happening in safety and health. Machine guarding and hazard communication topped OSHA’s list of most frequently cited serious violations in fiscal year 2022. Over 1,300 citations were issued for machine guarding and over 1,800 were issued for HazCom.

Effective March 26, OSHA will cite certain types of violations as “instance-by-instance” citations, when inspectors identify high-gravity, serious violations specific to the following: falls, trenching, machine guarding, respiratory protection, permit required confined space, and lockout/tagout, as well as other-than-serious violations specific to recordkeeping.

California’s COVID-19 prevention non-emergency regulations, which require employers to protect workers from the hazards related to COVID-19, took effect February 3, and will remain in effect for two years.

A new OSHA fact sheet outlines measures to protect shipyard employees from the physical hazards of confined spaces. In the maritime sector, physical hazards in confined spaces can increase a worker’s risk of injury.

OSHA says it will withdraw its proposal to revoke Arizona’s State Plan. The state has taken measures to remain compliant with federal OSHA. However, OSHA continues to work closely with Arizona to address other state-plan concerns that weren’t part of its original withdrawal proposal.

And turning to environmental news, EPA issued a rule that finalizes first-time standards for inorganic hazardous air pollutants in miscellaneous coating manufacturing that will limit emissions and require effective controls. Final amendments include provisions for inorganic hazardous air pollutant standards for process vessels. The rule took effect February 22.

Thanks for tuning in to the monthly news roundup. We'll see you next month!