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With 2023 just around the corner, it’s time to renew your license and get new decals under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). While there is a grace period for displaying the new credentials, there is no grace period for renewal: You must file your renewal application by the end of 2022 to stay in compliance.

Here are your options for January/February

Carriers must display one or more of the following to travel through IFTA member jurisdictions for the first two months of 2023:

  • A valid 2023 IFTA license and two IFTA decals issued by an IFTA member jurisdiction (you filed on time and received your new credentials in time for 2023); or
  • A valid 2022 IFTA license and two IFTA decals from an IFTA member jurisdiction as long as the renewal application has been filed for 2023 (you filed on time but didn’t receive your new credentials in time for 2023); or
  • A valid trip permit issued by the IFTA member jurisdiction through which they are operating.

Remember, IFTA license renewals for 2023 must be filed with your base jurisdiction before the end of 2022. The two-month grace period is for display of renewal credentials, not to file your renewal application for those credentials.

For early filers

Carriers renewing credentials may operate with the new 2023 IFTA decals and license two months prior to the effective date shown on the credentials. These carriers must still file a fourth quarter report for 2022, including all operations for that quarter.

Credentials 101: IFTA license and decals

Any person or carrier based in an IFTA member jurisdiction operating a qualified motor vehicle(s) in two or more member jurisdictions is qualified to license under the IFTA program. Applications request basic information about the carrier and its operations and must be submitted with the applicable license and/or decal fees. Fees vary by jurisdiction.

The IFTA license is valid for the period of January 1 through December 31. Each IFTA license must be renewed for the next calendar year. The base jurisdiction will notify its licensees of the renewal requirements.

If the applicant meets all IFTA application requirements, the base jurisdiction will issue the IFTA license and decals. The license contains an account number assigned by the base jurisdiction. This account number is then used for reporting all IFTA activity of the licensee.

The licensee is required to make legible copies of the license and carry one copy in each vehicle. Since January 2019, the license may be carried electronically. Failure to display a copy of the license may subject the vehicle operator to the purchase of a trip permit and/or a citation. Each licensee is issued two vehicle identification decals for each qualified vehicle in the fleet. Decals must be placed on both sides of the vehicle’s cab (passenger and driver side). Failure to display the identification decals in the required locations may subject the vehicle operator to the purchase of a trip permit and a citation.

Key to remember: For seamless operation into the new calendar year, file your IFTA renewal application with your base jurisdiction well before December 31, 2022.