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Jobsites don’t change HazCom rules!

Construction jobsites can be hectic, with lots of different work or jobs going on at any one time. Below are a few common questions we get regarding how HazCom applies.

Do HazCom rules change on construction jobsites as opposed to general industry sites?

The requirements don’t change because the workplace is a construction jobsite. All HazCom rules apply. In fact, more strict HazCom rules may need to be in place on construction sites.

What HazCom rules do I need to be aware of on a construction site?

The number of employers who bring in chemicals to the workplace might increase on a site. That means your employer must include a written program for your jobsite. Essentially, they need to tell you what chemicals to be watchful for, and also train you on how you can best protect yourself around those chemicals.

What if more than one employer is on my jobsite?

Multi-employer jobsites are pretty common in the construction industry. But, you need not worry about that. When more than one employer is on a jobsite, it’s up to each employer to tell the other employers (and their employees) what hazardous chemicals are produced, stored, and used on the jobsite. Your employers job is to make sure you are aware of those chemicals. In addition, your employer must tell you where all SDSs are stored.

Key to remember: In multi-employer worksites, it’s up to your employer to train you on new hazards of chemicals that are introduced. Even when the chemical is introduced by other employers.