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Sure, winter may be winding down. But in some areas, cold weather is still very real. That means you'll need to continue ensuring employees who work outside or in cold environments are properly protected. Use the checklist below to ensure your employees are safe from the cold!

  • Is clothing layered?
  • Is clothing loose-fitting to allow for ventilation?
  • Are hats and hoods worn?
  • Are boots or other footwear insulated?
  • Are gloves worn?
  • Are heated shelters or areas available?
  • Are heating devices available?
  • Are work areas shielded from drafts or winds?
  • Do workers know who to notify in the event of an emergency?
  • Is a first-aid kit/station readily available?
  • Is a means available to contact emergency services?
  • Do workers know their exact location if emergency services are necessary?
  • Have the risks of cold weather work been explained to workers?
  • Have jobs with high cold-weather exposure been rescheduled for warmer days?
  • Are rest periods scheduled?

Your workplace

Keep in mind that your safety program needs to be tailored to your workplace. Use the list above as a starting point, then integrate safety measures specific to your facility and work processes.