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Tips for discipline
  • Keep these tips in mind to ensure appropriate discipline etiquette.
  • Determine who can administer discipline.
  • Don’t look the other way. When discipline is first needed, administer it.
  • When a verbal warning is part of the disciplinary process, make sure the employee knows that they are being disciplined.
  • Consider whether employees are “at will” employees (this will depend on state law and whether a contract is in place for the individual’s employment). Terminations may be less subject to challenge for at-will employees.
  • Ensure discipline is in line with any collective bargaining agreements.
  • Consider in advance whether discipline could be considered retaliatory for an employee’s participation in any kind of legally protected activity.
  • Keep in mind that your policies, employee handbook, etc., may create contracts.
  • Document performance issues.
  • Document feedback, counseling, and training.
  • Use progressive discipline for most offenses.
  • Be consistent.