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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducted its annual five-day unannounced hazardous materials/dangerous goods (HM/DG) inspection and enforcement initiative between June 12-16. Thirty-seven districts participated in this year’s initiative, resulting in:

  • A total of 8,395 packages inspected,
  • 2,578 HM/DG violations overall, and
  • 701 out-of-service (OOS) violations.

Need more information? Check out this ariticle on Avoiding Top Hazmat Violations.

Purpose of the unannounced HM/DG inspections

The annual unannounced HM/DG Road Blitz aims to:

  • Spotlight the importance of programs and regulations associated with the safe transportation of HM/DG.
  • Recognize safety-compliant HM/DG drivers, motor carriers, manufacturers, shippers, etc.
  • Highlight the specially trained inspectors who prioritize transportation safety by inspecting vehicles transporting HM/DG and enforcing strict compliance regulations.
  • Identify shipping paper, placarding, marking, labeling, packaging, and loading violations.
  • Remove vehicles with HM/DG out-of-service violations from roadways.

U.S. Results

In the U.S., 6,123 vehicles and 6,722 HM packages were inspected during the five days of the HM/DG Road Blitz (2,658 non-bulk packages, 3,256 cargo tank packaging and 808 other bulk packaging). Inspectors identified 2,096 HM violations, of which 538 were HM OOS violations. Inspectors also discovered eight undeclared HM packages. The following chart details the U.S. HM OOS and Total HM violations:

U.S. - HM OOS and Total Violations
Category of Violation# of HM OOS ViolationsTotal # of HM Violations
Shipping papers106462
Shipping papers - Shipper related975
Non-bulk packaging103452
Non-bulk packaging - Shipper related21100
Bulk packaging76403
Bulk packaging - Shipper related232
Non-bulk labeling0107
Non-bulk - Shipper related010
Bulk package placarding41149
Bulk package placarding - Shipper related217
Other safety marks16103
Other safety marks - Shipper related420
Loading and securement135135
HM package integrity (Leaking)2323
Undeclared packages08

Canadian Results

In Canada, 1,449 vehicles and 1,673 DG packages were inspected during the five days of the HM/DG Road Blitz (799 small means of containment, 690 highway tank packaging, and 184 other large means of containment). Inspectors discovered 482 DG violations, of which 163 were out-of-service DG violations. The following chart details the Canadian DG OOS and Total HM violations:

Canada - DG OOS and Total Violations
Category of Violation# of DG OOS ViolationsTotal # of DG Violations
Shipping papers18165
Emergency response assistance plan11
Small means of containment packaging221
Large means of containment packaging2836
Small means of containment labeling018
Large means of containment placarding3078
Other safety marks411
Loading and securement1537
DG package integrity (Leaking)46
TDG training certificate (Endorsement)5496
Driver not trained for TDG713
Key to remember: CVSA conducts an unannounced HM Road Blitz every year. Make sure to check out and include these violations in your training so you do not end up in the same situation.