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Employee development
  • Train leadership to help employees engage in career planning and development.

One of the most important functions of the human resources (HR) department is to help manage the career paths of employees. Employee development isn’t all about advancement, however. It includes steps taken to make employees more effective in current positions, making the workers more versatile, more effective with other employees or customers, and even helping workers interact more effectively within a team (teambuilding).

An employee engages in career planning by taking responsibility for the plan. At the point where the employee’s needs match up with the company’s needs, the process of career development is born.

Of course, if the employee’s career goals do not match up with the company’s needs, the employee may seek to advance with another company. Employee development can therefore improve retention.

Ultimately, a career path is the responsibility of employees. However, it’s important that both the employee and the company understand that career development is a two-way street. The organization must communicate to workers that if an employee is interested in a specific career path, the employee should make that known to the person’s manager.