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Evaluating the trainer
  • It is important to find a trainer who generates interest in the material.
  • Employers should evaluate a potential trainer by asking several questions.

Trainers who bring energy and enthusiasm to their sessions help workers remain interested and attentive. By contrast, a trainer who is clearly just going through the motions is likely to have minimal impact on trainees—and on the training itself.

When looking for a trainer, the following questions can be used to gain an understanding of a trainer’s abilities:

  • Tell me about a successful training experience you performed in the last 6 months.
  • Tell me about a training experience that was not successful and how you would change it.
  • What method did you use to encourage others to participate in a group discussion
  • How did you manage to instill a positive attitude toward learning in one of your training sessions?
  • How did you manage to successfully train others who were at varying degrees of understanding the subject matter?