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Benefits of training
  • Training benefits employers by strengthening and building workplace skills.

Training leads to a more skilled, productive, and engaged workforce, and ultimately affects an organization’s success. Forbes reported that in 2018, companies spent over $87.6 billion on training and development across the United States. It’s an investment that pays off. Many companies share that a positive impact is made on a company’s stock price when it invests in employee development.

It’s not surprising that employees see the value of skills development. Rapid changes in communication and technology make training necessary. Workers looking to advance in an organization seek to enhance leadership abilities. In addition, educating employees in safety and regulatory issues can help companies avoid costly settlements and fines. When changes in regulations, new technology, and process improvement techniques emerge, the workforce must be ready to apply the latest information to the work being done every day.

As companies fight to build a superior workforce, retain key employees, and strengthen the bottom line, training and development emerges as a critical tactic. It not only enhances employee engagement and worker motivation, but it also sharpens workplace skills. From safety compliance to communication, team building, and leadership development, associates and employers benefit from a workforce with an enhanced skill set.