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What can employees do to be involved?
  • Employees can do various actions to be involved in safety and health programs.

Examples of employee participation include:

  • Participating on joint labor-management committees and other advisory or specific purpose committees.
  • Conducting site inspections.
  • Analyzing routine hazards in each step of a job or process and preparing safe work practices or controls to eliminate or reduce exposure.
  • Developing and revising the site safety and health rules.
  • Training both current and newly hired employees.
  • Providing programs and presentations at safety and health meetings.
  • Conducting accident/incident investigations.
  • Reporting hazards.
  • Fixing hazards within their control.
  • Supporting fellow workers by providing feedback on risks and assisting them in eliminating hazards.
  • Participating in accident/incident investigations.
  • Performing a pre-use or change analysis for new equipment or processes in order to identify hazards up front before use.