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  • Objectives are short-term, positive steps on the way to a company’s goal.
  • Objectives do not contain a description of how they should be accomplished.

Companies should also set objectives—which aim at specific areas of performance that can be measured and verified, for example:

  • “Start a program of weekly inspections”
  • “Ensure hazards found are corrected within one day”
  • “Reduce noise levels to below 85 A-weighted decibels (DBA) in the machine shop”

Objectives are short-term, positive steps along the way to the company's goal. Workplace objectives for safety and health are similar to those set for other business functions such as sales or production. They identify What? When? and How much? They do not include a justification for why they should be done; such justification properly belongs in the policy statement. Nor do they contain a description of how they should be accomplished; those details belong in the action plan.