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Fuel gas and oxygen manifolds

Make sure fuel gas and oxygen manifolds have the name of the substance they contain in letters at least one-inch high:

  • Painted on the manifold, or
  • On a sign permanently attached to the manifold.

Keep these manifolds in safe, well-ventilated, and accessible location — and not within enclosed spaces.

Make sure manifold hose connections, including both ends of the supply hose that lead to the manifold, are of the type that the hose cannot be interchanged between fuel gas and oxygen manifolds and supply header connections. Adapters must not be used to permit the interchange of hose. Keep hose connections free of grease and oil.

Cap manifold and header hose connections when not in use.

Do not allow anything to be placed on top of a manifold when in use which will damage the manifold or interfere with the quick closing of the valves.