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What are some EAP delivery methods?
  • Employers have many options when establishing an EAP program.

Employers have many options when establishing an EAP program. The most common EAP delivery models are:

  • Management-sponsored EAP — In-house program staffed directly by an organization. Usually offered by large organizations.
  • Fixed-fee contract — Employer contracts with outside providers for services like counseling, referrals, and supervisory training. Fees are based on the number of employees, regardless of their actual EAP use.
  • Fee-for-service contract — Employer contracts directly with the EAP provider, paying only when the service is used.
  • Consortia — Small businesses jointly contract for EAP services, lowering the cost per employee.
  • Member assistance program (MAP) — Union-provided services ranging from prevention and problem identification to referral and counseling activities for employees and their family members.
  • Peer assistance programs (PAP) — Sponsored by employers or unions, PAPs train peers to work with troubled employees to address substance abuse and other problems within predetermined rules and limits.
  • Mixed-model programs — Often used by employers and unions with multiple worksites that have different needs and resources.