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How can an employer address dress code violations?

['Employee Relations']
How can an employer address dress code violations?
  • If an employee violates the dress code, there are steps an employer can take to address it.

If employees arrive wearing inappropriate clothing, an employer might:

  • Remind them of the policy with a verbal warning,
  • Send them home to change if their attire poses a safety violation, or
  • Revise the dress code to include new prohibitions. For example, if flip-flop sandals had never been addressed, but an increasing number of employees (or new hires) are wearing them, an employer might choose to revise the dress code, especially if it is deemed unsafe to wear them in the workplace.

In addition to safety, employers should consider factors such as:

  • The image the company wishes to present,
  • The expectations of their customers, and
  • The social conventions for their business area.