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Immediate telephone notice
  • As soon as possible after a hazardous material incident and no more than 12 hours later, the person in physical possession of the material must call the National Response Center to report the incident.

After any hazardous material incident, the National Response Center must be notified as soon as practical, but no later than 12 hours after the incident. The notice must be made by the person in physical possession of the hazardous material.

Immediate notice is required whenever any of the following occur during transportation in commerce (including loading, unloading, and temporary storage).

As a direct result of hazardous materials:

  • A person is killed;
  • A person receives injuries requiring hospitalization;
  • The general public is evacuated for at least one hour;
  • A major transportation artery or facility is closed or shut down for at least one hour;
  • The operational flight pattern or routine of an aircraft is altered;
  • Fire, breakage, spillage, or suspected radioactive contamination occurs involving a shipment of radioactive material;
  • Fire, breakage, spillage, or suspected contamination occurs involving a shipment of infectious substances other than regulated medical waste;
  • A marine pollutant is released in a quantity exceeding 450 L (119 gallons) for liquids or 400 kg (882 pounds) for solids;
  • Fire, violent rupture, explosion, or dangerous evolution of heat occurs as a direct result of a battery or a battery-powered device during transport by aircraft; or
  • A situation exists that does not meet one of the above conditions but should, in the judgment of the person in possession of the material, be reported.

Immediate notice of a hazardous materials incident must be provided to the National Response Center by calling (800) 424-8802.

Callers who are reporting hazardous material incidents should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Their name;
  • The name and address of the person they represent;
  • A telephone number where they can be reached;
  • The date, time, and location of the hazardous materials incident;
  • The extent of injuries, if any;
  • The classification, proper shipping name, and quantity of hazardous materials involved;
  • The type of incident and nature of hazardous materials involvement; and
  • Whether or not a continuing danger to life exists.