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  • Training must be done initially and repeated annually for all workers exposed to cotton dust in the workplace.

Employers must provide a training program for all employees in all workplaces where cotton dust is present, and ensure that each employee is informed of the following:

  • Acute and long-term health hazards associated with exposure to cotton dust;
  • The names and descriptions of jobs and processes that could result in exposure to cotton dust at or above the permissible exposure limit (PEL);
  • The measures, including work practices required by paragraph (g) of 1910.1043, necessary to protect the employee from exposures in excess of the permissible exposure limit;
  • The purpose, proper use, and limitations of respirators required by paragraph (f) of 1910.1043;
  • The purpose for, and a description of, the medical surveillance program required by paragraph (h) of 1910.1043, and other information that will aid exposed employees in understanding the hazards of cotton dust exposure; and
  • The contents of the standard and its appendices.

The training program must be provided before initial assignment and must be repeated annually for each employee exposed to cotton dust, when job assignments or work processes change, and when employee performance indicates a need for retraining.

Employers must provide all materials relating to the employee training and information program to the Assistant Secretary and the Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) upon request.