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Internal recruiting
  • An advantage of hiring drivers from within the company is that there will be reliable information on the candidate because of their history with the company.
  • When recruiting internally, send out a notice to employees that explains the benefits of driving for the company and tells them who to contact to apply for the position or for more information.
  • When looking internally for driver candidates, consider starting a ride-along program, planning for future capacity needs, and budgeting accordingly.

Often, depending on the size of the operation, a good place to look for new drivers is from within the company.

There are many advantages of hiring from within. A main benefit is that there will be reliable information on the candidate because of their history with the company. Ask around to find out the work ethic and reliability of the person. Review the personnel file to see work performance history and other documentation. This information can provide insight as to whether the person would make a good driver.

Another benefit of hiring from within is that training on company policies and practices takes less, if any, time. Internal driver candidates should be familiar with all the safety policies and practices of the company.

However, looking internally doesn’t happen overnight. There could be an investment of time and money to get these employees trained. The mechanic might need to go to school and obtain a CDL. They might also need to become familiar with the FMCSRs and other safety-related driving concerns — such as defensive driving techniques, backing, or seeing hazards. This process can take weeks, even months. An ideal time to discuss open driving positions to employees is during a performance evaluation. Maybe the employee states that they enjoy working for the company, but they want more variety, responsibility, or money. Present future open driving positions as a viable career option for current employees.

Just like a classified advertisement, explain the benefits of driving for the company and end the notice by telling them who to contact to apply for the position or for more information.

Hiring from within the company can help supplement recruiting efforts because potential internal candidates already perceive the company as a good place to work.

If looking internally sounds like an option for the operation, consider the following suggestions:

  • Start a ride-along program to provide interested employees the opportunity to experience the role of a driver.
  • Plan ahead for future capacity needs well in advance since the time needed to test and train an interested employee can take several weeks to a couple of months.
  • Budget accordingly. If this is an option for the company, it may be beneficial to foot the bill for an employee to attend driving school, obtain their CDL or other operator’s license, and initial training.