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Safety data sheets (SDSs)
  • Safety data sheets must be current and readily accessible.
  • New information must be added to the safety data sheet within three months.

Summary of requirements

A hazardous chemical’s safety data sheet (SDS) is the source of detailed information on the physical, health, and environmental hazards of the chemical; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical. The SDS includes information for many different audiences—employers, workers, safety and health professionals, emergency responders, government agencies, and consumers.

The HazCom standard requires that:

  • Chemical manufacturers or importers obtain or develop an SDS for each hazardous chemical produced or imported.
  • Distributors provide SDSs to other distributors and employers with their initial shipment and with the first shipment after a safety data sheet is updated.
  • Employers must make the most current SDSs available for each hazardous chemical in the facility.
  • SDSs be readily accessible to employees in their work areas during each work shift.
  • SDS files must be updated as new data sheets are received.
  • HazCom training must be considered when new data sheets are received to determine if training must be revised.

Updating SDSs

When new information about safety issues or the hazards of a chemical is learned, the chemical manufacturer, importer, or employer preparing the safety data sheet must add the new information within three months. If the chemical is not currently being produced or imported, the chemical manufacturer or importer must add the information to the safety data sheet before the chemical is introduced into the workplace again.