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Quick Reference: Tank System Release Actions

Federal regulatory citations:

40 CFR 264

40 CFR 265

Various kinds of releases require different actions in response. Use this quick reference table to compare the type of release with the required actions that accompany it.

Type of release Required actions
Spill with no damage to secondary containment Remove released waste and repair, if necessary
Leak from tank system to secondary containment Repair tank system
Aboveground leak from tank system with no secondary containment Repair tank system and implement visual inspection.
Note: Replaced components qualify as new tank system components
Underground or inaccessible leak from tank system with no secondary containmentRepair tank system and install secondary containment for the entire component
Leak from secondary containment Repair or replace secondary containment. New components must meet 264.192 and 264.193 requirements
Leak from tank system secondary containment requiring major repair Repair tank system or secondary containment, obtain certification as appropriate and adequacy from an independent, qualified, registered, professional engineer