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Shipping paper accessibility



Regulation summary

Section 177.817(e) establishes the general requirements for shipping paper accessibility for drivers of a motor vehicle containing hazardous materials.


In this scenario, a carrier inquires if a driver can carry shipping papers inside a clipboard with a metal cover located beside the driver during transportation.

In this interpretation, PHMSA addresses the proper storage of hazardous materials shipping papers.

Interpretation summary

In interpretation Ref. No. 11-0030, PHMSA advises that shipping papers must be either readily visible to a person entering the driver’s compartment or in a holder which is mounted to the inside of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

  • The clipboard is readily visible, but the fact that it contains shipping papers is not apparent.
  • To use the clipboard to store shipping papers, the driver must ensure that the metal cover is clearly marked with the terminology “Shipping Papers.”
  • When the driver is at the vehicle’s controls, the shipping paper shall be within the driver’s immediate reach while restrained by the lap belt.
  • When the driver is not at the vehicle’s controls, the shipping paper shall be in a holder which is mounted to the inside of the door on the driver’s side of the vehicle or on the driver’s seat in the vehicle.
  • PHMSA recommends keeping hazardous materials shipping papers in the driver’s door pouch.