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Securing points of entry
  • A company should ensure an integrated system of defenses is in place to protect its facility from unauthorized persons.

When it comes to protecting a physical facility from intruders, don’t develop a false sense of security just because there is a fence, security camera, or good lighting. One or two security measures are not going to totally protect any company. It takes an integrated system of defenses to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility and causing damage and/or leaving with valuable materials.

Facility layout and condition

The best defense starts with the physical layout and condition of the facility. An organization may need to make physical modifications to its facility to truly protect it. Questions to ask include:

  • Can receptionists see people approaching?
  • Are all entrances and parking lots well-lit and controlled?
  • Are storage areas for sensitive or valuable materials located deep within the facility instead of in remote, dark areas?
  • Could a criminal break into the facility without being seen, whether sneaking over the fence or driving a car straight through it?

The criminal mind can devise sinister, unconsidered methods to accomplish a task. Make sure employees are trained to report suspicious activity or security lapses, and encourage them to offer suggestions for security improvements.