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Outplacement programs
  • A company may offer outplacement programs to workers displaced by a plant closure or downsizing.

Employers may wish to offer outplacement services to employees impacted by a plant closure or downsizing. Before announcing a plant closure or mass layoff, a company should ensure everyone in human resources and management has the necessary information to inform employees on what outplacement services are available.

Third party companies can be hired to help displaced workers through the company’s workshops or one-on-one counseling with:

  • Interviewing techniques,
  • Resume and application writing,
  • Strategies to find a new job,
  • Career options,
  • Increasing a person’s marketability and competitiveness, and
  • Understanding today’s workforce.

If offered, counselors may provide individual assessments of a person’s job qualifications. The outplacement service can work with people on options for training, education, and in developing a timeline for individual career planning.