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How to complete an FMCSA Cargo Tank Facility Registration

Cargo tank facility registration is required for persons who manufacture, assemble, inspect and test, certify, or repair a cargo tank or a cargo tank motor vehicle manufactured in accordance with a DOT specification under the hazardous materials regulations or under terms of a special permit. Persons engaged in continuing qualification and maintenance of cargo tanks and cargo tank motor vehicles must be familiar with the requirements in Part 180, Subpart E.

Submitting through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) online portal is the fastest way to register, but registration by mail is also accepted at:

  • USDOT/FMCSA Office of Registration (MC3310)
  • 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
  • Washington, DC 20590

FMCSA will assign a single USDOT Number to the registering company and a unique CT Number for each cargo tank facility registered.

All assigned CT Numbers will be associated with the USDOT Number assigned to a company.

  1. Complete the company demographic information including the company’s legal name, DBA name (if applicable), address, phone number, USDOT number, tax ID number, and Dun and Bradstreet number.
  2. For each facility being registered, provide the following details:
    1. Functions. Check the box corresponding to the description of the specific function to be performed on cargo tanks or cargo tank motor vehicles. At least one function must be selected.
    2. Exemptions/Special Permits. Required only if applicable. For each function checked, list all corresponding exemptions or special permits issued by the Department of Transportation.
    3. Vehicles. For each function checked, check all boxes corresponding to the types of DOT specification and special permit cargo tanks or cargo tank motor vehicles which the registrant intends to manufacture, assemble, repair, inspect, test or certify. For example, if “External Visual Inspections” will be performed, check all vehicle types indicated in the corresponding row on which that function will be performed. This information is not required for the “Component Manufacture” function.
    4. Mobile, Fixed, or Both Testing. Check the appropriate box indicating whether the facility uses mobile testing/inspection equipment to perform inspections, tests, or repairs at a location other than the address listed in the beginning of the application.
    5. Process Agent. Required if applicable. If not a resident of the United States, list the name and address of a permanent resident of the United States designated in accordance with 49 CFR 105.40 to serve as an agent for service of process. A post office box is not a valid address for a process agent.
    6. Responsible Person (Facility Location). Provide the title, first and last name, phone number, fax number, and email address for the person at the facility location responsible for compliance with the applicable requirements of Chapter 1, Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations.
    7. Design Certified Engineers/Registered Inspectors. Provide the name and type for each registered inspector or design certified engineer employed by the company to conduct certification, inspection, or testing functions. Be sure to use a separate piece of paper for additional names.
    8. Non-Employee Design Certified Engineers/Registered Inspectors. Required if applicable. If the registrant engages non-employees to perform certification, inspection or testing functions, provide the name and certification number of each person performing such functions.
    9. Stamp. For each person who manufactures a cargo tank or cargo tank motor vehicle, provide the stamp type, certification number, authorization date, and expiration date of the manufacturer’s current American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certificate of Authorization for the use of the ASME “U” Stamp. For each person who repairs a cargo tank or cargo tank motor vehicle, provide the stamp type, certification number, authorization date and expiration date of the repair facility’s current National Board Certificate of Authorization for the use of the “R” stamp or ASME Certificate of Authorization for the use of the ASME “U” Stamp.
    10. Certification Statement. The cargo tank certification statement must be completed by the person responsible for compliance with the applicable requirements of Chapter 1, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations. Provide the name, title and e-mail address of the certifying official. The certifying official’s signature is required after the Certification Statement.
    11. Certifying Official: The name and title of the person responsible for compliance with the applicable requirements of 107.503, certifying knowledge of those requirements and that each employee who is a Registered Inspector or Design Certifying Engineer meets the minimum qualification requirements for a “Registered Inspector” or “Design Certifying Engineer.”