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How familiar are you with the CPDP?

The Crash Preventability Determination Program (CPDP) allows carriers to request that a crash be declared as not-preventable.

If found not-preventable, the crash will not be used in the scoring of the carrier’s Crash BASIC score. Let’s see how familiar you are with this program. Determine if each of these crashes would be eligible for review. Click below to see answers.

  1. The CMV was hit head on by a driver operating in the wrong direction.
  2. The CMV struck a car in the rear that had stopped unexpectedly.
  3. The CMV was struck in the side by a driver that the CMV driver believes may have been under the influence or asleep.
  4. The CMV was struck in the side after turning in front of another vehicle that did not brake.
  5. The CMV was struck while legally parked at the side of the street waiting to unload.

How familiar are you with the CPDP?: Answers


  1. Eligible.
  2. Not eligible. This accident is not eligible for review and is likely preventable.
  3. Probably not eligible. To prevail, the carrier would need documented proof (on the police report) that the other driver was under the influence or had admitted to falling asleep.
  4. Not eligible. Being struck in the side is only eligible if there is clear evidence the other driver disobeyed a traffic control device. Also, this crash is likely preventable.
  5. Eligible.