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Employer requirements

Employers must prepare both their facilities and employees for wheel servicing operations. They should:

  • Only allow trained individuals to service large wheels.
  • Make the required tire charts available to workers. The tire charts can be viewed online at https://www.osha.gov/Publications/wheel/wheel-chart-booklet.pdf.
  • Furnish a restraining device for inflating tires on multipiece wheels. Also, they should provide a restraining device or barrier for inflating tires on single-piece wheels unless the rim wheel will be bolted onto a vehicle during inflation.
  • Assure that an air-line assembly consisting of the following components be used for inflating tires: (1) a clip-on chuck; (2) an in-line valve with a pressure gauge or a pre-settable regulator; and (3) a sufficient length of hose between the clip-on chuck and the in-line valve (if one is used) to allow the service worker to stand outside of the trajectory.
  • Furnish and assure that only tools recommended in the rim manual for the type of wheel being serviced are used to service rim wheels.
  • Ensure that multipiece wheel components are not to be interchanged except as provided in the charts or the applicable rim manual.
  • Inspect multipiece wheel components and single-piece wheels prior to assembly.
  • Establish a safe operating procedure for servicing wheels and assure that employees are instructed in and follow that procedure. See 1910.177(f) and (g) for specific required procedures.
  • Ensure that employees use the tools recommended in the rim manual for the type of rim being serviced and have the current charts and/or rim manuals available for use during service.