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Dangerous goods markings, placards, and labels

Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations identify the various types of “safety marks” required on means of containment for dangerous goods. A safety mark includes a design, symbol, device, sign, label, placard, letter, word, number, or abbreviation, or any combination of these things, that is to be displayed:

  • On dangerous goods, on means of containment, or transport used in handling, offering for transport, or transporting dangerous goods, or at facilities used in those activities; and
  • To show the nature of the danger or to indicate compliance with the safety standards prescribed for the means of containment or transport or the facilities.

A certification safety mark is a design, symbol, device, letter, word, number, or abbreviation displayed on a means of containment or means of transport to indicate compliance with a safety standard.

A dangerous goods safety mark is a label, placard, orange panel, sign, mark, letter, word, number, or abbreviation used to identify dangerous goods and show the nature of the danger posed by those goods.

Dangerous goods safety marks must be visible, legible, and displayed against a background of contrasting color. They must be made of durable, weather-resistant materials that will withstand wear and tear without detachment or deterioration of the color, symbols, letters, text, or numbers. Color requirements are established by the regulations.