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Can you identify the proper lean method?

Do these scenarios use the correct lean method (Kaizen, 5S, TPM, Six Sigma, 3P, Cellular Manufacturing, or JIT)?

Scenario 1:  A company wants to improve productivity through keeping an orderly workplace in basically its current configuration. The facility intends to label and color-code storage areas of tools. Based on this information, the lean method 5S is the best fit.

Scenario 2: A business has experience applying lean methods. The facility wants to engage a large and varied group of employees in a week-long creative process to find various alternatives to meet customer needs using different product designs. Based on this information, the lean method Six Sigma is the best fit.

Scenario 3:  A company wants to implement chosen lean improvements rapidly (within 48 hours). They don’t want the solution to involve large capital expenses. They hope to use analytical techniques to quickly pinpoint prospects to eliminate waste in a targeted process. Based on this information, the lean method Kaizen is the best fit.

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Can you identify the proper lean method?: Answers

Scenario 1: Yes. The five pillars of 5S are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. It focuses on using visual cues to achieve more consistent operational results. It is most suitable for companies that aim to clean up the workplace in its current form, instead of completely changing the workplace to a new configuration.

Scenario 2: No. The best fit is 3P. Six Sigma consists of a set of structured, data-driven methods for systemically examining processes to lessen process variation. This is occasionally used to support and guide frequent organizational improvement actions.

Scenario 3: Yes. This method is rapid and often improvements from the event are referred to as the kaizen “blitz.” A main part of a kaizen event is the follow-up activity that ensures improvements are sustained and not just temporary.