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Attaching placards with duct tape



Regulation summary

Section 173.150(c)(1) establishes the requirement of the Hazardous Materials Regulations for attaching placards.


In this scenario, a carrier inquires if it is acceptable to secure a placard to a trailer with duct tape. The carrier explains that, while placard holders are typically considered the best means of securing a placard to a trailer, there are situations when they must display multiple placards and do not have available placard holders to properly display all the required placards and self-adhesive placards aren’t always immediately available. The carrier goes on to clarify the tape is only on the outer border and would not come in to contact with the inner border line of the placard.

In this interpretation, PHMSA addresses if it is acceptable to use duct tape to secure placards to a trailer.

Interpretation summary

In interpretation Ref. No. 15-0224, PHMSA advises that using duct tape as described above is an acceptable method to affix a placard provided the placard is securely attached, meaning it will not fall off under normal conditions. PHMSA goes on to say that using duct tape can be used to create a dotted or solid line outer border in instances where the placard is not on a background of contrasting color as required.