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Do supervisors need a DQ file?

Scenario: Sue is a dispatcher who used to be a driver for her motor carrier. She keeps her CDL for personal reasons (keeping her options open) since her current position does not require the operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) of any sort.

The new HR director, Sam, is responsible for driver files. He is trying to bring the files up to date and notices that Sue still appears on the driver roster. The company has continued to maintain her driver qualification (DQ) file since her job transfer two years ago.

Question: If you were Sam, would you continue to maintain a DQ file on Sue?

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Do supervisors need a DQ file?: Answer

Answer: No.If Sue is never expected to operate a CMV (as defined in 390.5, which includes both CDL and non-CDL vehicle types) for the motor carrier, the motor carrier can treat Sue as someone who has left the company. Sue should not appear on the driver roster, and her DQ file is not kept up to date and can be purged within three years of her change in positions. However, had Sue been expected to operate a CMV, she needs to be treated as a driver. Operation of the CMV, even if on rare occasions, requires that the driver be completely qualified. This includes emergency back-up drivers, seasonal fill-in drivers, and those who move CMVs around a company lot that is open to public travel.