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SUMMARY: The Surface Transportation Board (STB or Board) is adopting a final rule in Docket No. EP 755 to establish a new procedure for challenging the reasonableness of railroad rates in smaller cases. Under this rate review procedure, the Board will decide a case by selecting either the complainant's or the defendant's final offer, subject to an expedited procedural schedule that adheres to firm deadlines. The Board is also terminating its proceeding in Docket No. EP 665 (Sub-No. 2).

DATES: The final rule is effective March 6, 2023, published in the Federal Register January 4, 2023, page 299.

§1002.2 Filing fees.
(f)(56)RevisedView text

New Text

§1002.2 Filing fees.

* * * *

Type of proceedingFee
* * * *
PART V: Formal Proceedings:
(f)(56) A formal complaint alleging unlawful rates or practices of carriers:
(i) A formal complaint filed under the coal rate guidelines (Stand-Alone Cost Methodology) alleging unlawful rates and/or practices of rail carriers under 49 U.S.C. 10704(c)(1)$350
(ii) A formal complaint involving rail maximum rates filed under the Simplified-SAC methodology350
(iii) A formal complaint involving rail maximum rates filed under the Three Benchmark methodology150
(iv) A formal complaint involving rail maximum rates filed under the Final Offer Rate Review procedure150
(v) All other formal complaints (except competitive access complaints)350
(vi) Competitive access complaints150
(vii) A request for an order compelling a rail carrier to establish a common carrier rate350