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Employers are required to make and keep accurate records of air monitoring data and objective data used to assess employee exposures to silica under the standard, as well as records of medical surveillance.

Air monitoring data

Employers must make and keep an accurate record of all air monitoring performed to comply with the standard. The record must indicate:

  • The date of the measurement for each sample taken;
  • The task monitored;
  • Sampling and analytical methods used;
  • The number, duration, and results of samples taken;
  • The identity of the laboratory that performed the analysis;
  • The type of personal protective equipment used (e.g., type of respirators worn); and
  • The name, Social Security number, and job classification of all employees represented by the monitoring, indicating which employees were actually monitored.

Objective data

When an employer relies on objective data to comply with the silica standard, the employer must make and keep an accurate record of the objective data. The record must include at least:

  • The silica-containing material in question;
  • The source of the objective data;
  • The testing protocol and results of testing;
  • A description of the process, task, or activity on which the objective data were based; and
  • Any other data relevant to the process, task, activity, material, or exposures on which the objective data are based.