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One way to increase engagement in your training is to explain how and why the material is essential to the audience and how it impacts them personally. You can better engage everyone throughout the training by making the material relatable.

Showing the benefits is essential. People attend seminars on topics like “how to get rich” because they hope to get something out of it. Suppose safety training doesn’t deliver something that trainees can view as offering a positive outcome. In that case, they won’t see the value and may lose interest. When delivering training, the audience will be more engaged, more likely to remember the material, and more likely to follow it if they understand how it is relevant to them. If you show interest in the topic, make the content relatable, and highlight the benefits, most of the audience should find the material sufficiently interesting to pay attention to. However, if you’re just going through the motions and do not personally understand or support the material, the trainees won’t either.