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Storing ignitable wastes can be a tricky job, especially if you’re also responsible for storing nonflammable wastes or materials. In storage, separate containers of ignitable waste from other wastes or materials. Storage areas must be surrounded by a berm, dike, wall, or other physical structure. They must be located at least 50 feet apart from any property line of your facility.

This provides two safeguards:

  1. It reduces the risk of the general public reaching or contacting the waste or being harmed in an explosion; and
  2. If a release of hazardous waste does occur this will help prevent the waste from migrating offsite.


Remember, before working with flammable or ignitable wastes, your employer is required to train you on the hazards you might face while working. In addition, they must eliminate all hazards as they relate to heat, specifically working in a hazmat suit or other full-body protection.

They must provide training on:

  • How to recognize symptoms of heat exhaustion,
  • How to mitigate risks (including providing breaks), and
  • Who to contact should you have questions regarding heat-related hazards on the job.