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The types of spills that occur in your facility will depend on what you move and store. In addition, the type of equipment you work with can determine what types of spills you’ll need to clean. Think about fluid leaks from powered industrial equipment such as forklifts. In any event, you’ll need to have the right materials to clean up a spill. That’s when spill kits come into play!

What does a spill kit need to contain?

Spill kits only work as well as the materials packed inside of them! Each spill kit needs to be designed for the particular spills you expect at your workplace. See the checklist below to understand what a spill kit contains.

Personal Protective Equipment



?Protective garments and coverings

Containment materials

? Kitty litter

? Sawdust

? Absorbent mats

Control equipment

? Putty

? Patching materials

? Duct tape

? Rope

Cleanup materials

? Shovels

? Towels

? Brooms

? Rags

Disposal materials

? Chemical resistant bags or drums

? Buckets

? Hazardous waste labels

Miscellaneous materials

? First-aid kit

? Two-way radio

? Caution signs

? Guidebooks