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Personal protective equipment
  • Employers must provide PPE to workers who are exposed to hexavalent chromium and ensure that the equipment is used.

Where hazards or likely hazards from eye or skin contact with Cr(VI) exist, the employer shall supply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at no cost to the employees and ensure that employees use such clothing and equipment.

The employer shall provide PPE for employees:

  • While installing or implementing feasible engineering or work practice controls;
  • During work operations, such as maintenance and repair, where engineering and work practice controls are not feasible;
  • For work operations where all feasible engineering and work practice controls do not reduce exposure to or below the permissible exposure limit (PEL);
  • For work operations where employees are exposed above the PEL for fewer than 30 days per year, and the employer has elected to not implement engineering and work practice controls to achieve the PEL; or
  • During emergencies.

When observation of monitoring requires employees or their representatives to enter areas where protective clothing or equipment is required, the employer shall provide the clothing or equipment and shall ensure that the observer uses it.

All protective equipment and clothing that is contaminated with Cr(VI) shall be removed following completion of the tasks or of the job shift. No contaminated clothing may be removed from the workplace, except for laundering, cleaning, maintenance, or disposal.

Protective clothing or equipment must be stored and transported in sealed, impermeable bags or other containers, which must be labeled in accordance with 1910.1200.

The employer is responsible for maintaining and replacing all clothing and equipment required by this standard.

If protective clothing and equipment is required, the employer shall provide change rooms with separate storage facilities for protective clothing and equipment and for street clothes, and that these facilities prevent cross-contamination. Washing facilities shall be made available so that employees may wash their hands and faces.