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Beryllium (General industry)
  • Beryllium is a highly toxic metal. Workers who inhale it are at increased risk of cancer or chronic beryllium disease (CBD).

Beryllium and beryllium compounds are important materials used in the aerospace, electronics, energy, telecommunication, medical, and defense industries. However, beryllium is a highly toxic metal and workers who inhale beryllium are at an increased risk of developing chronic beryllium disease (CBD) or lung cancer.

Most workers affected by this rule are exposed in general industry operations such as beryllium metal and ceramic production, non-ferrous foundries, and fabrication of beryllium alloy products.

The 1910.1024 standard applies to occupational exposure to beryllium in all forms, compounds, and mixtures in general industry, except the articles and materials specifically exempted. Exemptions are:

(1) Articles, as defined in the Hazard Communication standard 1910.1200 that contain beryllium and that the employer does not process.

(2) Materials containing less than 0.1 percent beryllium by weight where the employer has objective data demonstrating that employee exposure to beryllium will remain below the action level as an eight-hour TWA under any foreseeable conditions.)